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Forest management, harvesting, skidding, and hauling require tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of stakeholders.


We prioritize clear and transparent practices in our operations, concentrating on three key areas of forestry: forest management, road construction, and logging activities. By incorporating modern technologies, we can efficiently tackle these challenges.

Understanding Logger Needs

Addressing the requirements of foresters and loggers involves implementing digital solutions for real-time monitoring, remote sensing in the forest, fleet management. This includes establishing a digital inventory system, automating harvesting and skidding processes, optimizing logistics and withholding operations, and ensuring traceability and transparency throughout the supply chain.

solutions for forestry


We offer comprehensive solutions, including multi-vendor supply chain optimization and fleet management driven by artificial intelligence (AI), alongside digital reporting and standardized data protocols, to streamline operations and maximize efficiency. Implement procurement systems, GIS, LiDAR and CV technoligies.

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