EUDR COMPLIance Solution

The EUDR is legislation that mandates operators and traders within the EU to ensure their products do not contribute to deforestation or forest degradation globally​.

EUDR Compliance

Sigli, committed to sustainability, supports businesses in adhering to the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) through expert consulting services and cutting-edge solutions. By providing guidance on regulatory compliance strategies and deploying technology-driven tools, Sigli ensures that businesses can accurately track and verify their supply chains to mitigate deforestation risks.

Understanding the EUDR

The EUDR establishes a legal framework to curb the trade in goods associated with deforestation. When importing or exporting products to or from the EU, businesses must adhere to the following three criteria:


Products, inputs, raw materials, and goods derived from seven specified commodities must not originate from land deforested since December 31, 2020. For wood-based products, the restriction also applies to land that has been degraded.


Goods should be produced in accordance with local laws at their original place of production. These laws cover aspects such as land ownership, labor rights, human rights, environmental protection, forest conservation, and taxation.


Businesses must conduct due diligence on the provenance of goods covered by the EUDR rules.

Non-compliance with the EUDR after this date can lead to significant penalties, including fines of up to 4% of the company's total annual turnover in the EU, highlighting the importance of adherence to these new standards.



Check If and When Your Business is Affected by EUDR

Sigli platform offering a suite of services powered by proprietary AI/ML processing engines.

The efficient data management, with files securely stored and readily available for processing upon verification requests. Explore selected forest areas, track log provenance, and access detailed inventory data.

Our advanced business intelligence tools provide insightful reporting and analysis, and our seamless API connectivity supports customized integrations.

Mobile PLAtform

Using AI capabilities and iOS built-in functionalities for timber log processing and comprehensive data collection, our app delivers precise image sourcing and measurement data.

The app guides users in real-time, navigating and utilizing available functionalities in a fully automated manner. Starting from iPhone Pro version 12, the app leverages Lidar technology to introduce innovative features.

Designed for offline use, the app ensures data synchronization occurs seamlessly once network connectivity is available.


Existing timber log marking and identification processes using plastic, metal, chemical (paint) or electronic components, highly damage-prone (abrasion, mechanical defects, and atmospheric impacts) & tamper-prone methods.

Dcode marking method is cost-effective by complete elimination of consumables required for tag production or direct marking (paint, RFID, pre-printed plastic tags with barcodes, DataMatrix codes, QR codes, and others).

System integrations

We offer out-of-the-box, flexible solutions designed to ensure your compliance with the EUDR.

Additionally, we provide custom solutions and integrations tailored to seamlessly fit into your existing ecosystem.

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